8 Traits

Andrew Devigal tweeted about Mashable’s 8 Traits of Tomorrow’s Journalists. How many do you have under your belt now? How will you get the rest? And when?


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  1. Argh! I’m beginning to think about #2: Programmer.

    We’ll be implementing a new web-site format soon, and the content management system is overly formatted. When uploading top media to be displayed (rotating latest pics and videos) next to the headlines, it must fit a 3×4 horizontal format. So now I have to make sure to shoot a squarish horizontal as a preview, regardless of the content. Verticals will be automatically cropped to the format with little control over how it’s cropped.

    Reminds me of W. Eugene Smith’s quote: “[I crop ] for the benefit of the pictures. The world just does not fit conveniently into the format of a 35mm camera.”

    Amend that to … neither does the world fit conveniently into the format of standard or Hi Def television.

    Seriously folks, how hard is it to program a container that would display horizontal AND vertical media in an attractive and logical manner.

    Grrrrrrr! Journalists are going to HAVE to become programmers if they want design to be a function of content, instead of the other way around.

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