The DV Rebellion Advice for Graduates Post

I’m pointing you over to another blog run by a Grady faculty member for Grady students – Prof. Jim Biddle’s DV Rebellion – because he has a post up for graduates that you need to read. Particularly parts like this:


Laptops and editing systems are good if you intend to freelance…but what else do you have? What did you ask for as a graduation gift? A suit? A nice bag? Good shoes? A year-long pass for the Marta, “T”, “L”, or Metro depending on where you’re living? Gloves to work on production sets? Tools to work on production sets? A headset for walkies when you are on set? PS3’s are cool, but are you a creator or a consumer? (emphasis added)

Good advice there, hope you got what you needed.

Mark E. Johnson

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