Peeve Pathology

Not my phrase, tribute goes to Michael Johnston over at The Online Photographer in a post that’s up now. He defines it as those little things in photography that drive individuals insane – blue replacement, noise, grain, whatever.

I’m a bit torn on this as I’ve been wrestling with the concept of craft in photojournalism over the last few months. Part of me wants to devote more teaching time to the technical, nitty-gritty stuff. Really build a solid foundation then erect the pillars of visual journalism on top of that. The other part of me keeps pointing out that news consumers don’t care about bokeh, they care about the story, and for them you only need enough technical knowledge to get the story out.

It’s a harrowing conversation in my head. I know you are concerned. Will let you know where I come down on the balance issue.

Mark E. Johnson

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