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I’ve been saving this for a while* but today seems like the right day to roll it out. Next week may be better, or too late, I can’t tell right now. Ryan Sholin (who if you’re not reading and you’re a student of modern journalism well, then, you’re not enough of a student) posted a while back some advice for journalism students and it’s one of the simplest, most reasoned collections I’ve seen.

Too many advice pieces try to list off everything a journalism student needs to know. Which is, to be honest, a lot of stuff. But this is a simple start. If I were to design a curriculum, I might just start with his idea of learning two crafts – one analog, one digital. That would be an excellent first semester.

* When I say I’ve been saving this for a while, I mean I unread the link in my RSS reader of choice so I’d remember to go back to it. Which I did. Today. By accident …

Mark E. Johnson

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