Congrats on Graduating, Now Where are You Going?

It comes up a lot at the end of the semester – internship search, job search, what do I do now?

With so many of my students coming form the metro Atlanta area, they plan on closing out their Athens life and heading back to the suburbs to start anew.¬†Which is a great plan if you’re heading into a career with lots of job opportunities. But in journalism? Well, there aren’t quite so many.

So I tell them to look for a job at first, not a geographic location. Find a place where you can hone your craft, learn your lessons and grow. Then, with a few lines on your resume beyond the student paper, you can start thinking about where you want to live.

It’s the advice I got, it’s the advice most of my peers got. But now it’s not just the young’uns who are taking that advice – and some older folks are taking it much, much further. Like, out of the country further. Which, to be honest, I think is great.

Go find a place to work, then make it your home. Later, find a place to be your home, then make it a place to work. Right out of school, you still don’t know who you are – so how are you supposed to know where you are?

Mark E. Johnson

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