Why We Matter Outside of Journalism

Andrea Jones (who bills herself as, “an ink-stained-turned-pixel-stained wretch,” which I love) tells us the Five Reasons You Should Hire a Photojournalist. To her five I’d add what Laurie Moot said in class last year: “Other people just aren’t as good at doing things as we are.” Which closely ties into Jones’ fourth reason: “Photojournalists are problem solvers.”

And, really, that’s what you want no matter what you’re doing – someone who will solve problems, not tell you what they are. Or, worse, complain about them. When you’re hiring someone to do anything, you just want the job done. That said, we generally don’t do plumbing anymore. Not since we tore out all of are home darkrooms and put in server racks … maybe we do electrical work.

Mark E. Johnson

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