What Are You Tired Of?

Wired magazine has a listing of things in the photo world they believe need to be dumped down a black hole. I agree with most of them, though, as I wrote to Tommy McGahee who sent me the link, watermarks – if done reasonably – don’t bother me much.

And I’m getting tired of HDR, too … and the megapixel war is just stupid at this point. I’d been shooting with the Canon 5D for about a year and a half and really loved the files coming out of it. After a few months with the 5D Mark II, the files – though nearly twice the size – just aren’t the same.

At least Canon (and some others) are getting the picture – the newly-announced G11 is a lower resolution than the G10 it’s replacing. Smart.

Mark E. Johnson

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  1. Rumor has it that with Canon’s release of the 60D they will reduce the MP count to help noise and overall image quality. “Lets focus on making the images/files better instead of bigger, they’re big enough.” – I like this new trend

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