The Death of Photojournalism (Part 217)

Ahh, it must be a Monday, because someone is writing about the Death of Photojournalism. It seemed for a few years that this headline popped up in the trade and mass market magazines about every six months. Now, it’s about every seven days.

Is my beloved photojournalism in trouble? Yes. Is it dead? No. Dying? Maybe – but it is eminently salvageable.


Michael Jackson’s funeral doesn’t matter. Four hundred pictures from the crisis du jour in some obscure country don’t matter.

What’s happening in your community matters. Don’t deceive yourself into believing you need to fly off to Obscuristan to sate your visual desires or, worse, further your career. There are stories right where you live that are in need of being told. Right now.

Go tell them.

Mark E. Johnson

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