Women Photojournalists of Washington Workshop

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This beginning and intermediate photography workshop will directly benefit Women
Photojournalists of Washington (WPOW), a nonprofit based in Washington, DC.
Instructors include Pulitzer winner Carol Guzy and AOL’s Cathaleen Curtiss.
WASHINGTON, DC- April 6, 2009: WPOW (Women Photojournalists of Washington)
announces a fund raising workshop for those interested in beginning and intermediate
photography in beautiful Bolivia from June 28 – July11, 2009 to support a scholarship
program for young women in visual media.

This workshop is catered to challenge any skill level but geared towards those just
starting out in their learning process. Whether attending photographers have just
begun taking pictures for fun or want to start honing the skills they have already,
this workshop will help students grow into competent travel photographers under
the guidance of WPOW’s talented members. More advanced photographers can also
benefit as instructors will work to create a challenging photo stories and essays.
Workshop instructors will be Photographer of the Year and three-time Pulitzer Prize
winning photographer of the Washington Post Carol Guzy and international award
winning photo editor and Director of Photography at AOL Cathaleen Curtiss.

This benefit workshop will features lectures on the history of photography, how women
have influenced the media, understanding how to build your documentary portfolio
and so much more. Students will photograph every day with instructors and staff who
will help each photographer craft a narrative documentary essay on Andean culture
and history. Students will get 1-on-1 editing with WPOW’s amazing instructors daily
and they will soon become proficient in travel photography. Proceeds will help form
the basis of a scholarship program benefitting young women in visual media.
All information for the workshop and registration online is available at http://www.

Momenta Workshops has agreed to do logistics for this benefit trip and donate
instructors to make this a success. Visit http://www.momentaworkshops.com for
company information.

WPOW is a 501 (c) 3 organization based in Washington, D.C. and dedicated to the
advancement of women in the media and educating the public about the work of
women photographers around the globe. Visit http://www.womenphotojournalists.
org to learn more about this nonprofit.
For additional information on Women Photojournalists of Washington, please contact
WPOW President Jamie Rose at 202.203.2598 or jamie@womenphotojournalists.org.
WPOW’s outreach programs are growing every day, please check our site frequently for
the most up to date information. Women’s Photojournalists of Washington, WPOW, and
our logo are trademarks of WPOW. Copyright WPOW 2009

Mark E. Johnson

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