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Mindy McAdams, Flash Goddess, has a post on picture galleries on her Teaching Online Journalism blog. My Advanced Photojournalism students are required to blog this semester, and I told them I’d share some of the photo gallery-type pages I look at. 

I use the RSS reader to keep all of these links in one place. (And this is just a very small sample of the stuff I look at.) 
  • The Big Picture, from The Boston Globe – This was the first one I found like this. Every few days, they post a series of photos on a theme or story, run really big. Sometimes it’s news oriented, sometimes it’s thematic. 
  • Photo Journal, from the Wall Street Journal – Yeah, I was the guy who said for years I wanted to be photo editor for the Wall Street Journal … back when they didn’t run photos. Regardless, another big photo page from around the world. 
  • Photo galleries from the Atlanta Journal Constitution – Sometimes they’re local, sometimes they are not. I wish they’d dedicate more space to photos and less to ads, let a viewer really revel in these images. They’re better than more, but not at the Globe or Journal level.
  • Reuters Photographers – Daily work from the wire, complete with the stories behind them. Sometimes it’s about great images, sometimes it’s about what they had to go through to make the photos. A lot on planning ahead, an excellent resource for students. 
  • Joe McNally blog – I’ve been a huge fan of McNally’s work for years. (And it has nothing to do with the Syracuse connection.) His lighting work is amazing, and he lays it all out here from time to time. As much geek as gawk-worthy. 
That’s just a few highlights, but for students it’s not a bad place to begin. 
So, what are you looking at?

Mark E. Johnson

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