Can I Shoot Here? – UPDATED

The Fox affiliate in Washington, D.C., has a piece on whether you can shoot photos in Union Station. Turns out, you can – but security doesn’t know that and has been harassing tourists and pros of late.

Meanwhile, Bruce Schneier at The Guardian has a column on why photographers are considered threats by government agencies.

The 9/11 terrorists didn’t photograph anything. Nor did the London transport bombers, the Madrid subway bombers, or the liquid bombers arrested in 2006. Timothy McVeigh didn’t photograph the Oklahoma City FederaLinkl Building. The Unabomber didn’t photograph anything; neither did shoe-bomber Richard Reid. Photographs aren’t being found amongst the papers of Palestinian suicide bombers. The IRA wasn’t known for its photography. Even those manufactured terrorist plots that the US government likes to talk about — the Ft. Dix terrorists, the JFK airport bombers, the Miami 7, the Lackawanna 6 — no photography.

Hit the link for his explanation.


UPDATE: Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton responds to the privatization of Union Station. Or, not.

Mark E. Johnson

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