We've Arrived! (UPDATED!!)

If you measure your success by whether people are trying to steal your content, at least. Intrepid internet searcher and current student Rusty Bailey stumbled across another Blogger.com-hosted blog that has been lifting content from this blog and posting it on their own site, surrounded by advertising.

I’ve begun the notification process to have it taken down, but if you look up at the top and don’t see “ugapj.blogspot.com” as the URL – you’re not reading the original. And if it’s your ad on the side, then, well, you’re contributing to a copyright infringer.

(We’ll know shortly whether this is an active lift, meaning someone’s copying-and-pasting, or if it’s automated. Wouldn’t it be funny if they posted this note and left in the ugapj.blogpost.com reference?)

(UPDATE: They did it! They posted the entry that says they are stealing content!)

(Sorry, I find that funny. I wonder what else I can feed into their display …)

Mark E. Johnson

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