John Kao on Innovation

This is SO WORTH an hour of your day – Robert Scoble interviewing John Kao about innovation. In fact, I may require every one of my students watch this. And suggest it be played at the Northern Short Course and the Southern Short Course.

Some quotes I pulled out of it:

People sometimes confuse creativity and innovation.

On General Motors and Detroit in general:

Change is hard. You have to drop a bomb on the complacency and mainstream culture of an established organization or you’re not going to get change. You cannot incrementally fix that kind of a problem … They mistake cool marketing and cool concepts for genuine change

Without visionary leadership and a new narrative you’ve got nothing. But even then it’s dicey. It’s a constant blocking and tacking, it’s like fighting entropy, you have to keep doing it.

And my favorite:

We always have this invitation to invent the future we want.

Mark E. Johnson

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  1. Hi John,

    Nice collection of meaningful quotes … and seems to me the same things said of GM could apply to any established, dominant system from bureaucracies to business and energy to politics! And as a person working in community change – there’s nothing more exciting that engaging in collectively creating the future — today. Thx for the post.

  2. your support and enthusiasm is great….but it might be even more meaningful if you got his name right….it’s Robert Scoble…not Richard….

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