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Since I’ve just posted about the Southern Short Course in News Photography, I should mention two other events you ought to consider attending …

The Women in Photojournalism conference will be held in New Orleans on August 8-10. (Link not working as of Sunday morning, not sure why.)

From their email flyer:

The Women in Photojournalism Conference has been traveling across the country for the past 19 years. We have a rich tradition of having inspiring and engaging speakers of any program out there. This conference features a full program for both print and television photojournalist. It features two days of critiques, new trend and multimedia classes for every level of your career, and informative presentations to give your career a shot in the arm. We have a proud history of offering the finest speakers to help you define your career in this ever changing field. This conference also features a top notch photography contest that has always had entries that are absolutely impressive. Each year, we have had over 900 entries for this contest. The winners from the contest are displayed in our juried exhibit at a gallery.

Up next is the legendary Eddie Adams Workshop in Jeffersonville, N.Y., October 10-13. If you’ve never heard of this, go poke around the web site. I have known a lot of folks who have gone and it can be a stunningly good experience, both in storytelling growth and networking opportunities.

Mark E. Johnson

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