"Photoshopping the Red Sox"

Most of you know of my affection for the Red Sox (GO SOX!!), but the hometown Boston Globe has a contest going on that, well, just makes me really queasy – “Photoshopping the Red Sox.” Fans and readers can send in their Photoshopped illustrations of the Beantown Boys and their posting them online.

The problem? They’re using copyrighted images as the basis for these illustrations. Some are going far enough with the illustrations that there may not be an issue, but some are … well, go look for yourself.

I’m sure – sure – the Globe talked with their lawyers about this, right? And I believe the Digital Millennium Copyright Act says it’s okay for site users to post this stuff, but if anyone complains they need to take it down … which makes this even more annoying, that a major media company may be flaunting the DMCA which was designed to protect their copyright interests.

Mark E. Johnson

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