Photo Workshop in China

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China Pre-Olympic Photographic Workshop
December 26, 2007 to January 12, 2008

Travel to Beijing China for a once in a lifetime Experience!

The workshop will be conducted in cooperation with the School of Journalism of Renmin University, Beijing China. Renmin University is amongst the top rated universities in China. The photojournalism program of Renmin University has been delegated the duty to train photographers to work with the Olympic Committee photographing Olympic facilities and pre-Olympic events for the Beijing Olympics of 2008. This workshop has been invited to work in Beijing in cooperation with the photojournalism program of Renmin University with the intent of producing photographs that will illustrate preparations, events and other places of special cultural and artistic importance during the pre-olympic period. It is contemplated that a book will be prepared from the photographs taken during the workshop. The purpose of the book will be to serve as a portfolio piece for each participant.

The workshop will be conducted by two American Master photographer/professors, Larry M. Kushner and Joel DeGrand. Both Mr. Kushner and Mr. DeGrand have held Masters degrees in Photography for more than 30 years. Mr. Kushner has been doing photography in China during the past 40 years. Additionally, members of the faculty of the photojournalism program of Renmin University and local Chinese photographers will participate in the workshop sessions. Each American workshop participant will be paired with a Chinese workshop participant to photograph at various locations around Beijing. This workshop provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in a photographic workshop documenting the preparations leading up to an event of worldwide significance.

Reservations for this workshop must be made by mid October 2007. Students wishing to receive credit for this workshop should contact their college to determine if independent study or directed study credit may be available.

For more information concerning costs, curriculum and itinerary contact:
Larry M. Kushner, tel: (818) 343-6242, email:

Mark E. Johnson

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