My Sides Hurt …

Scott Schamp, director of the New Media Institute at UGA’s Grady College, is teaching a class in Second Life this semester. It’s an experiment, of sorts, to see how a virtual world could be used for learning. Based on his latest blog entry, I think Dr. Schamp is in for a long and entertaining semester.

To quote:

But last Friday, I found myself saying things I never thought I would have to say. “Please don’t sit on the fountain during class. Don’t forget that everyone needs to wear clothes the next time we meet. And, please, try and remember not to fly during class time.”

I would like to think I keep a fairly tight reign on my classes, but my advanced students will tell tales that disprove that very quickly. (And probably create yet another Facebook group about the photojournalism sequence.) (Stop. Just, please, stop.) At least they all stay clothed.

Most of the time.

Regardless, I’m thinking I want to sit in on one of these. But I’m not sure where to sit …