Why Newspapers are in Trouble

First, go read this.

Now, think about it.

Does it hurt yet? Because I keep looking at the date to see if it’s April 1 or something … is there any actual news here?

If I call up the paper and say, oh, I don’t know … “I’m creating a new automobile company, based in Bogart, and if we get the investors lined up, we could employ about 100 people.” And then we could get my friend Scott Schamp to say, “If you want to produce professional cars, it’s going to be a very expensive endeavor. But why even do it out of Bogart? There’s no talent base there. Most car companies are based out of Detroit, Maranello and Tokyo for a reason, because that’s where all the talent pools are,”

Whatever happened to, “GET ME REWRITE!”

Mark E. Johnson

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