The New York Times – on the move, literally

The Gray Lady is pulling up stakes – and moving in to a news building in the city that never sleeps. After a century at 229 West 43rd Street, staffers are beginning to move to a new tower at Seventh Avenue and 41st Street.

Why is this important? The new building represents as much of a philosphical shift in the Times as a geographic one. In the new building, online will be integrated across the board – multimedia producers will sit on all desks, brainstorming ways of getting the news out faster. The NY Observer has an interesting take on the changes, well worth a read.

I liked this quote from Jill Abramson, managing editor at the Columbia Journalism Review, about the move and the shift:

“The biorhythms were set to the newspaper. What everyone thought about first, and sometimes thought about only, was the Platonic ideal for a newspaper story.”

Mark E. Johnson

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