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Vlog: Documentaries and Visits From Atlanta Magazine Staffers

This week we talk a bit about At Close Range, a documentary on National Geographic staff photographer Joel Sartore, and feature interviews with Rebecca Burns, the director of digital strategies for Emmis Publishing, and Sheri Wilson, the art director for Atlanta Magazine.

Burns also recently published a new book, Burial for a King, looking at the 10 days following the death of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Vlog: Self Defense, B-roll, Donuts and Upcoming Speakers

Where we talk about self defense, b-roll, donuts, upcoming visitor Rebecca Burns and the NPPA’s Northern Short Course.

Vlog: Visitors, Workshop Planning, Teaching Workflow and a Software Sale

This week we heard from the Washington Post’s Chris Stanford, The Northeast Georgian’s Alan NeSmith and Lane Gresham, talk about workflow as we teach the intro students Photo Mechanic (which is on sale right now) and make a quick comment on the treatment of journalists in Egypt.

Vlog: Video Consumption, Visitors, New Cameras and Being Prepared

This week, we talk about video news consumption rates, a visit from the New York Times‘ Justin Gillis, issuing cameras to the intro students and feature an interview with Michael Barrone who had the presence of mind to drop his lunch and chase a news story for The Red and Black.

Vlog: Introduction to Ethics

In which we talk about licensing journalists, violating the U.S. Constitution and video consumption habits.

Vlog: The Week that Wasn’t

In which we talk briefly about the first week of classes at the University of Georgia, most of which were cancelled due to a snow storm that coated the area with ice.

Vlog: The Welcome, ICONN Announcements