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I'm Not the Only One Who's Paranoid

Slaid Cleaves sings that, “Everything you love will be taken away.” Do you love your online life? Robert Scoble is afraid it may all rot away on you.

Have you backed up enough today?

Side Window, Windshield, Etc.

If you’ve never watched Rear Window, you should. But this has nothing to do with that. Monica Almeida has a post up on the New York Times’ Lens blog about shooting from her car.

Another reason why you should have your camera with you all the time – you never know what you’ll see.

Debt Threatens BU's Daily Free Press

Boston University’s Daily Free Press is in trouble, trouble similar to what many newspapers are facing. But, as a college daily, it has an entirely different issue – turnover. Every few semesters the staff cycles through and institutional memory vanishes.

Scott Strazzante on Portraits

Are portraits “threatening to become the photographic stable of the newspaper business?” In some places, they already are.