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Swing States Swinging

Very cool infographic by Mike Bostock, Shan Carter and Amanda Cox over at The New York Times that looks at how swing states have swung over the last 60 years.

Things like that make me want to be a designer …

(Thanks to colleague Janet Frick for the link.)

Typography and Superheroes

I will admit, there’s a typography geek inside of me. When I see some great kerning, it makes me smile … and so did this set of Helvetica letters colored like superheroes designed by René Mambembé.

I may need to order a Magneto and Oddjob …

Infografing the 100 Meter

The New York Times has one of the most amazing infographics up I’ve ever seen comparing the speeds of more than 100 Olympic 100 meter races.

This? THIS IS WHY THE INTERNET ROCKS. There’s no way to do that on a printed page. Hats off to Kevin Quealy and Graham Roberts.

(And “infografing” is totally a word. Now.)

OOOOOhhhhhh – Graphics Geeks Can Celebrate!

The New York Times has a new blog over on Tumblr – and it looks at the “chartsnthings” they create for different data driven stories.

How did I not know this existed?

Winter Break Project for Students

Over at the NPPA Visual Student blog, Brian McDermott has posted the last of a three part series on Designing a Better Portfolio Website.

So … why are you still here? Go read, then build that site. You have lots of time right now …

I Want a Balloon

And not just some little mylar thing, a big, red, helium filled balloon that carries a camera on an intravalometer.

Why? Because my next big hobby could be grassroots mapping. It’s a process that lets you map an area on your own.

Because I, in my mind, apparently have too much time on my hands …

Portfolio Website Advice

Over at the NPPA’s Visual Student blog, Brian McDermott has a great post up (the first of three) on building your online presence. Great advice, make sure you’re tuning in to this series – a great winter break project.

I need to go look into the Google Keyword Tool now …

Behind the Icons

Nice piece by Steve Silberman at NeuroTribes about Susan Kare who designed the original Macintosh icons back in the early 1980s. She has a book coming out that looks at all of the icons she has designed over the years … I am oddly fascinated by this.

Love this line:

Instead of thinking of each image as a tiny illustration of a real object, she aimed to design icons that were as instantly comprehensible as traffic signs.

How can we translate that into documentary photography?

The Myths Behind Apple’s Apple

CNN has a neat piece up that delves into the myths surrounding Apple’s apple logo. I had heard some of these, but not all. Totally geeky read if you’re a graphics guy or fanboy.

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