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160 Years of The New York Times Front Pages

This is just awesome:

Every front page of The New York Times – watch the way it changes over time put together by Josh Begley.

(Thanks to DL Cade at PetaPixel for the link.)

Eye Tracking Your Obsession

Interesting video made by Canon to promote one of their printers …

Not without some criticism, as well.

I have a touch of experience with eye tracking (mostly from hanging around very smart people who do it like Sara Quinn and my college Bart Wojdynski), so I think this stuff is really cool. My dream is to take entries from a major photojournalism competition and see how they’re read.

Hey, Canon … I have an idea for a partnership …

Stock Photo Fail: Political Tweet Edition

Stock photography is kind of the gift that keeps on giving. In the latest edition, the Donald Trump campaign tweeted out a patriotic image of the American flag with Mr. Trump, $100 bills, the White House and soldiers fading through it.

The problem: the soldiers are World War II Nazi historical re-enactors.

The Trump campaign has stated that an intern put the graphic together.

Lesson: Don’t use stock photography, spend the money and commission the work.

Mountain Workshops Application Open

Applications for the 2015 Mountain Workshops (October 20-24 in Frankfort, Kentucky) are now being accepted.

In addition to the traditional photojournalism track, there are also opportunities to learn about picture editing, video storytelling, time-lapse photography and data visualization.

What Comes After School

Poking around the web today I found this two year old post by Steve Giralt about being in business and, since I’m talking about business with my kids these days, it seems really relevant.

The Letters of Dublin

Neat video on the sign painters of Dublin …

Gentlemen of Letters – A Dublin Sign Painting Film from Colin Brady on Vimeo.

(Thanks to Khoi Vinh for the link.)

Compact Communication

A little off topic, but Roy Peter Clark has a piece up on what we can learn from 1954 Don Zimmmer’s baseball card.

Even with all this information – words and numbers – there is room for not just one but two captioned illustrations, a lovely blend of language and visuals. Under the logo “Inside Baseball,” we learn that “Don led the Pony League with 23 Home Runs at Hornell in 1950.” But the lower right panel provides the payoff: “He and Miss Jean Bauerle were married at home plate in Elmira, N.Y., August 16, 1951.”

Click through and look at the illustrations – they fill their space and are very well controlled. Same things we look for in our photographs, right?

Why I’ll Never be an Artist

Yep. Not going to happen.

For the Educators in the Audience

TeachaNeed to spend off a little leftover FY14 travel funding? Here’s how to do it – Poynter’s Teachapalooza is one of the best journalism educator conferences around. Three (or five) days of über nerdy, totally geeked out learning about how to better teach journalism at the university level.

Disclosure: I’m on the faculty, but I paid my way for the first two years of this and it was worth every cent.

Why You Shouldn’t Cut Photographers

Two sentences from Edmond Terakopian’s piece that will convince you to read it:

People never remember a great article they read months ago or a great piece of video footage from years ago. They will however remember pictures they saw decades ago.

And the science backs that up.