Author Mark E. Johnson

The New Old Photo Business

James Estrin has a great interview with Getty Images’ Jonathan Klein up on the New York Times’ Lens blog.

Buried in it, amongst some things I didn’t know, was this:

The world’s most-spoken language isn’t Mandarin — it’s pictures. We haven’t yet figured out how we get people to pay for it, but we will over time.

Makes me at least a little happy to think Klein still cares about content. Worth a read.

(Thanks to colleague Vicki Michaelis for the link.)

A Few Days Late …

But I agree with most of what Jeanette D. Moses at PopPhoto says about things I wish my kids knew before classes started.

Much of it I do cover, but the idea that photography involves math seems to throw a lot of them …

What Does a Photo Say?

And can it say it wrong? That’s the question David Davis tackles at Deadspin in talking about one of Neil Leifer’s iconic images.

An image can capture one moment from one angle. For it to rise to journalism, though, it must be seen in context. Doesn’t sound like that happened a half century ago.

Gordon Parks Exhibit Coming to Atlanta

Get this on your calendar … a color exhibit of Gordon Parks’ work will be at the High Museum starting November 15. Well worth a trip to the big city.

Free Photo Books

I haven’t vetted all of these, but this is a pretty good deal. LightStalking’s Ritesh Saini has collected 23 free photography e-books in one post and Tiffany Mueller has another set of 23 more.

Too much to try and download? The fine folks at Lifehacker have compiled them all into one 500 MB file (down at the bottom of the post).

Now you have something to do this weekend …

Killing Journalists Should Be a Crime of War

In a terse statement, appropriate in both its tone and style, the president and CEO of the Associated Press, Gary Pruitt, says:

… we believe the assassination of a journalist in wartime should be considered an international crime of war.

I would add that the killing of any journalist, at any time, should be considered, if not a war crime, akin to a hate crime.

NPPA Attorney Headed to Ferguson

It’s never a good thing when the lead attorney for a national press organization has to go somewhere, but it’s happening – the National Press Photographer Association’s Mickey Osterreicher is en route to Ferguson, Missouri, to help journalists deal with the escalating problems of press freedoms.

THIS is why we pay our annual dues to the NPPA.

Is Humans Dehumanizing New York?

A significant number of my students love Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York project. And I’ll admit I dip into it from time to time, as well.

But something about it never felt quite right. Daniel D’Addario has a piece up at Gawker that gets to the issue, I think – it’s the lack of depth, a skimming of the people, that has troubled me. These are fascinating slices of life, but that’s all they are – little, tiny, controlled slices.

Who Pays Photographers?

Great web site that launched this summer that tracks what photographers are being paid.

A caveat: You need to know what you’re in for before you do a shoot. There are several posts in here where it is clear the photographer didn’t have a contract before hand (or just didn’t read it) and is a little bitter after-the-fact. Everything is negotiable and that includes your ability to say no.

(Thanks to Dylan Wilson for the link.)

Photoshelter Deal for Students

To all the students heading back to campus, PhotoShelter has a deal for you – a year of free services and a massive 70% off the second year.

If you don’t have a solid web presence yet, this is the time to get working on it.