Author Mark E. Johnson

Why Pictures Matter, Why Photojournalists Matter

This. This is the reason you have to support the National Press Photographers Association by becoming a member.

It’s supporting research like this from Sara Quinn that is giving us the research to prove we need to be there, that the audience both cares about and can discern professionally crafted news image.

It’s supporting research like this that we can use to not just stave off what many believe to be inevitable, but to gather the resources to better our publications and our communities.

It’s supporting research like this that brings science into an unscientific realm, that proves what we do is not art.

Send the link to this to everyone up the food chain from you. Share it with every single one of your colleagues. Refresh constantly next week, waiting for part two. Then again in two weeks, and again in three.

You want to save visual storytelling? The NPPA is giving you the tools to do it. Quinn’s research needs to be seen by everyone dealing with photojournalism. Everyone.

Eyes of History Close on February 1

The White House News Photographers Association’s Eyes of History Student Contest is only taking entries through February 1. Many of you have images that could do very, very well here.

Sports Illustrated Lays Off Remaining Photographers

The National Press Photographers Association is reporting Sports Illustrated has laid off it’s six remaining staff photographers.

This is, to me, not much of a surprise – most magazines have moved away from staff photographers to contract ones. It’s unclear whether the six will continue shooting under contract.

The American West, a British View

Small gallery of work by British photographer Tim Richmond over at CNN – take a look at the fifth photo in the gallery. What do you think of that?

Turns out some of the images from his Winn Dixie series were done locally.

Southern Short Course in News Photography – Feb. 20-21

Get this on your calendar – the Southern Short Course in News Photography will run February 20-21 in Charlotte. More details on the speakers to come.

Why Captions Matter

The New York Times’James Estrin is trying to crowdsource information from a 1950s Gordon Parks photo.

This is why captions and a solid workflow matter … with it, there’d be no mystery, only meaning. Granted, the expectations were different 60 years ago, but it sure would be nice to know what’s happening here.

Witness Opens Today

Billy howard

Billy Howard’s show, Witness, opens today at the Circle Gallery at the University of Georgia’s College of Environment and Design. There’s a reception from 4:30-6:00 p.m. and I’d highly recommend going.

The CED is at 285 South Jackson Street here in Athens, next door to the North Campus Parking Deck.

A Great Day for UGA, Grady, the NPPA and Photojournalism

Friday was a big day here in Athens. Discussions on women in photojournalism, the unveiling of stunning research on how viewers read and perceive professional news photographs and a wonderful welcoming reception for the National Press Photographers Association which is relocating to the University of Georgia’s Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Take a look at the Twitter feed from my colleagues here at Grady and on the NPPA hashtag.

NPPA posted a story, as well.

The university, the college and the NPPA are stepping up to make the world a better place through visual journalism. What are you doing?

If you’re not a member, Step One is to join.

Witness: the Photography of Billy Howard

Opening Monday at the University of Georgia’s Circle Gallery in the College of Environment and Design, an exhibition by one of my favorites, Billy Howard. Reception from 4:30-6 on January 12.

Photojournalism Scholarships

The National Press Photographers Foundation is now taking application for eight $2,000 scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate studies. Deadline is March 2.